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Attached Lid Container

Attached Lid Container
  • Attached Lid Container -Assembled system ready to ship
  • Empty containers ready for shipping
  • Removable Lid

Loadhog Attached Lid Container


  • Lid tessellation provides neater stacking & greater fill
  • No overhang
  • Lids secure in a vertical line when nested as empties
  • Hinge design allows for replacement of damaged lids
  • Multiple recess locations for barcodes and labels
  • Recess feature accommodates the full Loadhog range
  • Fully compatible with Pally & Loadhog Lids
  • Compatible with most existing plastic tote boxes
  • Available in varying depths
  • Customisable in terms of colour and branding
Part ID Description UOM MOQ
MHALC310 Attached Lid Container Ea On Request
MHALC365 Attached Lid Container Ea On Request


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Attached Lid Containers - a versatile container featuring an innovative tessellating lid design!

If you are in need of a reliable, robust Plastic Container in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth then consider this innovative new product!

Our range of Attached Lid Containers reduce the likelihood of damage and allow for greater logistics gains and increased vehicle fill.

The Loadhog Attached Lid Container has been designed to provide safe, ergonomic handling and storage of goods in a range of industries.
Stackable when full and nestable when empty, Loadhog plastic totes are effective as standalone products, or can form the perfect reusable packaging solution when used in conjunction with the Pally & Lid system.

Innovative features like our tessellating lid, hangs vertically when the ALC's are empty nested, eliminating lid damage. Other lids will splay out to the sides creating catch points for impact and damage.

With our unique lid design we have also eliminated a pin or rod in the hinge system allowing for a replacment lid to be interchanged with no addition parts required.

If a lid in not required check out our Stack & Nest Container which also integrates with our Pally & Lid system.

When it comes to innovation, Loadhog and AXIS have you covered. Talk to our team today to arrange a trial!